Hattula, Finland

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Battlegroup 2017 is a weekend-long airsoft event combining milsim and larp elements. The event will be held at a Finnish Defence Forces training grounds in Parola. Because of it's size and extensive road network the area enables the use of various vehicles, both armored and wheeled, and also supports large number of players in game.

In the light of feedback from the previous game we are going to improve following factors in game:

  • Game time will be extended
  • The number of AT-weapons (Paladin grenades) available to players has been increased
  • We have clarified the rules and improved some game mechanics
  • We aim to provide more information to the players about game events during the game by creating a news site for civilians and by adding important info on the status.ehasa.org -system
  • We aim to create more combat situations in game
  • Grill stall will be outsourced so we can assign more people to game master duties
  • If possible both sides will get their own jeep to transport infantry across the battlefield
  • If possible the amount of armored vehicles will be increased and game mechanics concerning them will be improved

General Information

Player limitca. 1000
Age restrictions17, Civilian factions: 16/18
Game areaFinnish Defense Force training grounds in Hattula (link to map)
Game fee
  • Pre-payment: 50 € in January, +5 € for every new month(80 € in july)
  • Payment on site: 95 €
  • Civilian factions: 20 €
FactionsUusimaa, Pirkanmaa, Civilians

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